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Shawn Lov - The G.O.D. CD & Sticker (limited edition of 100)

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Image of Shawn Lov - The G.O.D. CD & Sticker (limited edition of 100)

Finally Shawn Lov´s G.O.D. album gets a limited CD release with unreleased bonus material and different remixes.

About the album:

The G.O.D. (Great Cipher Destroyer) LP was Shawn Lov's Triumphant 1st Solo Album and marks tremendous growth in both songwriting skills and mastery of performance since 1993's Group album, "Speak of the Devil." Recorded in 1998, and produced entirely by Tony D (Legendary producer of Classic Trenton New Jersey acts: Poor Righteous Teachers, YZ, BLVD Mosse, Scott Lark) The G.O.D. was the album that was intended to introduce Shawn Lov to the Hip-Hop world at a time when there were no other "White" Emcees with comparable talents.

Shawn Lov and Tony D recorded the songs that appear on the G.O.D. LP at Skylab studios in NJ and Studio 4 in Philadelphia (Studio 4 was the recording studio frequented by Legendary acts such as the Fugees and other Rough House records artists.) Tony D produces the entirety of the G.O.D. LP, also adding scratches, hooks and a verse. The CD was ultimately released in early 1999 and also spawned the classic vinyl "Respect This" which featured, "I'm Pathetic," a self-deprecating song created a year before Eminem came along, who enjoyed global success using the same humorous shtick.

Shawn Lov toured the singles "I'm Pathetic," "The Lov Dr." and "Respect This" throughout New Jersey, Philadelphia, and New York, sharing the stage with Musiq Soulchild, Pack FM, C-Rayz Walls, The Outsidaz, and many other prominent Underground artists of the period. The release of songs from the G.O.D. on Mp3.com in early 1999 initiated Shawn's widespread fan base on the Internet.

Created with obsessive attention to detail and polished to a gleam, The G.O.D. LP can stand proudly next to any of Shawn Lov's classic or contemporary releases. Even after well over a decade, The G.O.D. remains a high water mark for New Jersey Hip-Hop and one of the most grounded and impressive Hip-Hop albums ever made by a White ensemble.

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